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2021 The Values of Play International Conference

2021 The Values of Play International Conference
——A Cultural and Educational Analysis

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        CIPSH, together with its partner Tencent, likes to organize an academic event focusing on the issue of “Play”.
        As instinctive and essential to the human nature, the need of and the enjoyment of playful activities have attracted increasing attention, even debate, on the core value, instrumental implication, and the necessary conditions such represent in human societies. Social distancing during the pandemic has raised the problems of mental health to higher alert. Internet technology also demands thorough investigation and reflection on the many socio-cultural environments and policy, business conditions surrounding the entertainment and creativity associated with this development. The CIPSH Chair office at HZNU, together with the Humanities Division of the Zhejiang University, as well as its partner of the Tencent company and other institutions would like to host two events to highlight the significance of the phenomenon of “Play”.
        A major seminar on "The Values of Play: A Cultural and Educational Analysis" will be held online on “World Children’s Day”, November 20, 2021. Whereby leading scholars from US, Europe, South America, African, the Asian Pacific as well as local Chinese scholars will address the question of Play from a wide variety of disciplines of philosophy, history, archaeology, classics, aesthetics, anthropology, and education, in 4 sessions.
        All are welcome to join the activities co-hosted by Hangzhou Normal university, Zhejiang university, assisted by the Hang Seng university of Hong Kong. A website has been set up for the public on these events at the CIPSH Chair office at HZNU. Academic publications in English and Chinese will follow.

The Theme of the Forum
The Values of Play: A Cultural and Educational Analysis
Session 1: The need and creativity of amusement
Session 2: Imagination, entertainment and technology
Session 3: The history and environment of games
Session 4: Social and educational values of playfulness
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Meeting No.: 972 2405 6104
Code: 2121
Beijing time November 20, 2021
The International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH)
Jing Hengyi School of Education, Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU)
CIPSH Chair Collaborative Office in Hangzhou Normal University
Media and International Culture of Zhejiang University
Collaborative Organizations
Tencent Social Research Center
Global Humanities Initiative, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

November 17, 2021