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World Network for Linguistic Diversity

MAAYA / World Network for Linguistic Diversity

Year of Foundation: 2005 
Year of Affiliation to CIPSH:
President: Prof. Adama Samassékou

The MAAYA Network was created in 2005 by a group of entities present at that Summit on the Information Society (WSIS, Tunis, 2005) and today has 101 members from 34 countries on four continents, of which 41 institutional members.
Its main goal is to encourage civil society, the private sector, research institutions and NGOs, as well as governments and institutions to adopt and implement measures enhancing equitable multilingualism.
This implies promote mother tongue based multilingual education that contributes to value the capacity of free linguistic and cultural expression of the community to guaranty both social and gender equality as well as promote software localization and equal access of all languages to cyberspace.
MAAYA facilitates the empowerment of language communities worldwide in developing and defending their own languages and its usage and contributes to the creation and sharing of language resources. At the same time, it observes the implementation of language policies, ensure technological monitoring and serve as a focal point for linguistic research projects.
This program is of great relevance to the Humanities, which depend on the different languages and different traditions of thought, expressed in these languages, to make their maximum contribution to the construction of the future of human societies.

(by Prof. Gilvan Müller de Oliveira)


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