International Council for
Philosophy and Human Sciences


Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Académie Chinoise des Sciences Sociales

CASS / Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Year of Foundation: 1977 Year of Affiliation to CIPSH: 2015
President: Prof. Wang Weiguang

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) was established in 1977, evolving from the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences founded in 1955. The Academy is the highest national research institution in the fields of social sciences and the humanities. It is also the largest and premier think tank of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government. Prof. Wang Weiguang is now the president of the CASS.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is composed of 38 research institutes grouped in six academic divisions, division of literature and philosophy; history; economics; law, social and political science; international studies; and Marxist studies. Covering most disciplines of the humanities and social sciences, the Academy employs 3,600 staff, of whom about 2,700 are full time researchers. The CASS publishes about 100 academic journals, many of which are top national journals. In the past 40 years, scholars of the CASS produced a great number of research results important both to the academic advancement and national policy making, including 13,000 monographs, 147,000 academic papers, 27,000 research reports, 4,000 translated books, and more than 1,100 textbooks.

Over the past years the Academy has develop extensive international collaborative relations with over 200 national academies, universities, research institutions and think tanks in more than 80 countries and regions. It also works with a good number of international organizations. In 2015, the CASS became a member organization of CIPSH.


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(by Prof. ZHOU Yunfan)