International Council for
Philosophy and Human Sciences

Executive Committee Members (MANDATE 2020-2023)

How the Executive Committee works

      1) The Executive Committee shall exercise the functions of the governing body of the Council between sessions of the Executive Committee.

      2) The Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly and consists of one President, who is also President of the CIPSH, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer and the immediate Past President.

      3) The Executive Committee may designate up to two Vice-Presidents and one deputy Secretary-General, to assist in the respective functions.
          Note: until the General Assembly of 2017, the Executive Committee elected in 2014 remains in function, also including six other elected members.

      4) The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice a year for the transaction of such necessary business as may arise between sessions of the Executive Committee. It will also meet when the Secretary-General faces the need to make decisions related to activities unforeseen in the plan of activities, or whenever the President or any of its members identifies such a need. 

      5) The Executive Committee shall determine the names of three persons to serve as Nominating Committee for the election of the new Executive Committee.

      6) The Executive Committee may meet via video-conference, but should meet at least once a year in a face-to-face session.

      7) The Secretary-General shall circulate the minutes of such meetings to all members of the Executive Committee and to all the member organizations of the CIPSH.

      8) The President, the Secretary-General and the Treasurer of the Executive Committee are re-eligible to the same offices only once, thus serving for a maximum of two mandates, of three years each. At each election of a new President, the immediate past President continues as a member of the Executive Committee until his or her successor remains in charge.

      9) A member of the Executive Committee may be elected to a different category, providing that the maximum number of years serving as an elected member is twelve years, all kinds of elected mandates considered.

     10) In electing and re-electing members of the Executive Committee, the Assembly shall try to ensure both continuity and renewal, which are equally indispensable, and strive for fair representation of fields, gender and regions.