International Council for
Philosophy and Human Sciences

Executive Committee Members 2023-2027

Luiz Oosterbeek


Chao Gejin

Ancien Président

Luísa Migliorati


Tim Jensen


Benedikt Löwe


Hsiung Ping-chen

Secrétaire Générale

Zoltán Somhegyi

Deputy Secretary-General
Secrétaire-Général Adjoint

Jesús de la Villa


Olga Spevak

Deputy Treasurer
Trésorière Adjointe

About the Executive Committee (cf. CIPSH Constitution ARTICLE VI – Executive Committee):

  1. The Executive Committee is the main decision-making body in-between sessions of the General Assembly.
  2. The Executive Committee is composed of:
    1. The elected Board;
    2. Two scholars proposed by the International Union of Academies;
    3. One scholar with voting rights designated by each member;
    4. One representative without voting rights appointed by each affiliate society;
    5. One representative without voting rights appointed by each of the strategic CIPSH projects and upon the recommendation of the Board.
  3. Former Presidents of CIPSH automatically become Honorary Members of CIPSH and have the right to attend the meetings of the Executive Committee and General Assembly, without voting rights.
  4. The terms of office of each member of the Executive Committee is decided by the members and affiliates who shall appoint their delegates/representatives. Normally, a member of the Executive Committee shall be appointed for the period between two consecutive General Assemblies.
  5. The Executive Committee meets at least once a year: in between meetings of the General Assembly and before the meeting of the General Assembly, for:
    1. Approval of minutes from the most recent meeting.
    2. Approval of the annual report of activities.
    3. Approval of the plan of activities for the following year.
    4. Approval of the related specific budgets.
    5. Approval of the reports, plans and budget of special projects.
    6. Appointment of special and temporary committees.
    7. Approval of the agenda prepared by the Board for the meetings of the General Assembly.
    8. Endorsement of major projects in the field of the human sciences and award of grants for them.
    9. Recommendation of new members and affiliates.
    10. Approval of any other issues that may be considered relevant.
  6. Following each of the meetings of the Executive Committee, the Secretary-General shall prepare, within 15 days, a first draft of the minutes of the meeting, including reports presented. After a revision of this draft of minutes by the Executive Committee, a final version will be adopted within 30 days from the meeting and the Secretary-General shall circulate it to all the members and affiliates of CIPSH.
  7. The Executive Committee will make its decisions within the framework of the directives formulated by the General Assembly, especially where financial matters are concerned.
  8. In case of justified need and upon approval of a majority of two thirds, the Executive Committee may meet via video-conference.
  9. The Executive Committee may opt for an electronic ballot for the vote on any issues of its competence, except when stated otherwise in the Constitution, in the By-Laws or in deliberations of the Executive Committee itself.